Список недоступных функций в VMware vSphere Client 6.0.x

VMware vSphere Client 6.0 предназначен для прямого подключения к хоста, но также поддерживает подключение к vCenter.

К моему сожалению, часть функционала не поддерживается:


  • IPv6 support for ESX architecture, NFS 4.1 storage operations, iSCSI, guest OS customizations, virtual datacenters
  • Multi-Instance TCP/IP stack and upgrade
  • SR-IOV, LACP, Multicast support enhancements
  • Opaque Networks
  • Network I/O Control (NIOC v3)
  • Open vSwitch (OVS) support
  • Proxy switch autoscale capability
  • Network DRS
  • DRS anti-affinity rules
  • vSphere vMotion across large geographical distances
  • vSphere vMotion across vCenter Server systems

Подсистема хранения:

  • AHCI SATA device support
  • vFlash-DRS interoperability
  • vFlash cache UI support
  • Virtual SAN disk group management, Profile compatibility errors and warnings, storage policy based management, Default Profiles, Disk serviceability, Fault Domain isolation
  • Storage DRS compatibility with vSphere Replication, Interoperability with Site Recovery Manager
  • I/O Filters: Storage policy support
  • NFS Client 4.1 with Kerberos
  • Virtual Volumes in vCenter Server
  • vCenter Server Storage Profiles
  • Storage Management Views

Аппаратные функции:

  • Intel vGPU
  • AMD vGPU
  • 128 vCPUs for virtual machines with hardware versions earlier than version 10
  • 32 Serial Ports for virtual machines with hardware versions earlier than version 10
  • SVGA for virtual machines with hardware versions 10 and 11
  • 255 PVSCI Devices
  • VMCI Firewall
  • Smart Card authentication
  • SATA controller and hardware settings
  • SR-IOV settings
  • GPU 3D render and memory settings
  • Tuning latency settings
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache settings
  • Nested hypervisor
  • Fast checkpointing
  • vCPU reference counters
  • Ease and scheduled hardware upgrade
  • Default compatibility level

Прочие функции:

  • VMware Tools reporting and upgrade enhancements
  • vCenter Server Linked Mode
  • vCenter Server Service Status (Health-UI Extension)
  • vCenter Server Hardware Status (CIM-Monitoring Extension)
  • vCenter Server Performance Charts – Overview
  • Simplify tuning for low latency workloads
  • SMS for certificate management
  • CIS runtime configuration
  • CMS support firstbooting
  • Performance charts integration with RAS
  • Tagging enhancements

Хостовые функции:

  • Deleted file reclamation
  • Guest authorization
  • Host profiles reference host independence
  • Lockdown mode

Для использования вышеперечисленных функций необходимо самоотверженно пользоваться vSphere Web Client.

Информация взята из KB2109808.

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  1. Что-то с копипастой не то:
    “IPv6 (NFS 4.1 Storage operations, iSCSI UI, Guest OS customization, virtual data center (vDC), ESX platform support)”

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