The printer is beeping

When people believe they are accomplished and successful and if they are experts in the field where they work, they tend to recall stories that happened to them. The stories typically start with the words: « Some weird stuff happened to me when I was young and stupid, …»
When I was young promising new grands worked in the Help Desk department, I got a call. A person who called complained regarding a printer: «My printer is beeping while it is printing. » I went to the trouble of getting up and walking to the next building to see that weird printer. Indeed, it made such strange beeping noise printing pages out. And when I printed several pages out in a row it was beeping till it finished printing out.
Both colleagues and I had been trying to realize what problem is and fix it for half an hour! But no luck at all! Then I said to my colleague, «Denis, please hit up the storage to bring a new one. Probably it can be special warning indicates that the printer is going to die or even explode”. I kept staring at the printer. Some people assume that just admin’s look can fix broken printer (or any laptop or server etc) or admin just need to drop by someone who has a problem and chances are problem diapers immediately! Ha-ha. But unfortunately, it was not that case and it looks like I was not the real admin! LOL
I kept staring at its lights and it was winking and beeping teasing us!
I suddenly noticed the flashing red light and it blinked with the rhythm of the beeping printer. I shook my head, but I still saw glitches. Then I focused my attention on the light and the object where it was located. It was a UPS APC with an illuminating red overload light.

I think you’ve already guessed what happened. One of the interns accidentally plugged the printer into the UPS port that was not designed for printers moving the office equipment. Accordingly, when the printing mechanism operated, the UPS overload occurred (or reboot?)
PS. It was a story about beeping HP, but you can face it on Brother, Xerox, Canon, Epson, Kyocera high power laser devices and so on.

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