Перспективы VMware vSphere 6.7+

Решил собрать информацию о перспективах развития VMware Vsphere по материалам VMworlds 2017. Часть функций будет реализована в версии 6.7, часть только обозначены как задел на будущее.

vSphere HTML5 Client (#SER2779BE What’s New in vCenter Server) :

  • Full SPBM
  • Further Guest OS Customization
  • Full Distributed Switch support
  • Plugins: VUM, SRM, VSAN, NSX

#SER2324BE What’s New with vSphere?

  • ESXi Upgrade with No Reboot!
  • Visibility across multiple vCenters
  • Data sharing
  • Mixed-version support
  • Support Metro and WAN latencies
  • Support Cross-Cloud deployments
  • Прекращение поддержки после версии 6.7:
    – vCenter on Windows (in favor of vCenter appliance)
    – Flex Client (in favor of vSphere Client based on HTML5)
    – vmkLinux API, Kernel Support (in favor of native driver model)
    – VMware will be moving away from both the Flex Client and VMK Linux driver model in the future
    – Не забывайте про Прекращение поддержки процессоров в VMware vSphere 6.7

#SER1729BE Networking for Virtual Environments – What’s New and What’s Next for vSphere networking:

  • RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
  • Para-virtualized RDMA (PVRDMA)

NVMe Support( #SER2413BE NVMe: What Is It? An Interface? A Protocol? A New Drive Technology? An Industry Revolution?):

  • Performance enhancements
  • Extended CLI/UI
  • Namespace management
  • Async event error handling
  • Enhance diagnostic logs
  • Multiple namespaces, Queues
  • NVMe Over Fabric
  • End-to-end NVMe Stack
  • The new VMD feature to support NVMe hot-plug (source)
  • SR-IOV
  • Sanitize
  • I/O Determinism

#SER1317BU Storage Virtualization – What’s New and What’s Next for vSphere Storage

  • SW Emulation For Servers with 4KN HDD
  • End to End 4KN Drives and 4KN LUNs
  • Intelligent Space Reclamation

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