Cisco Nexus 1000v для VMware vSphere 6.0 быть!

Многие читатели нашего бложика читают и другие бложики, которые распространяют нехорошие слухи. Erik Scholten с очень известного сайта в статье What’s new in vSphere 6 Networking пишет:

Another major change in vSphere 6 on the networking side is the support for third party switches or rather the disappearance on it.

Huh? What did he just say? Did I hear that right? You’re surprised?

I’ll say it again. In short, vSphere 6 no longer supports third party (distributed) switches like the Cisco Nexus 1000V.

As of vSphere 6 VMware does not allow third parties (Cisco) access to their kernel. There’s no official statement yet but I would not be surprised if this is due to the battle with Cisco in the SDN space. Not allowing access prevents Cisco from using the Nexus 1000V which in turn prevents them from SDN control using ACI.

Что меня как пользователя данного продукта от Cisco изрядно напрягло. Спешу опровергнуть данный слух официальным прессрелизом от Cisco:

Announcing Cisco Nexus 1000V for VMware vSphere 6 Release

Разница только в том, что сейчас распространяться и поддерживаться Cisco Nexus 1000v будет по каналу Cisco, а не VMware:

One of the common questions coming from our customers is whether VMware is still re-selling and supporting the Nexus 1000V via VMware support?

VMware has decided to no longer offer Nexus 1000V through VMware sales or sell support for the Nexus 1000V through the VMware support organization as of Feb 2nd 2015. We want to reiterate that this has NO IMPACT on the availability and associated support from Cisco for the Nexus 1000V running in a vSphere environment. Cisco will continue to sell Nexus 1000V and offer support contracts. Cisco encourages customers who are currently using VMware support for the Nexus 1000V to migrate their support contracts to Cisco by contacting their local Cisco Sales team to aide in this transition.

Обновление. Эрик, прочитав нашу заметку, изменил свою статью и отчитался в комментариях.

3 thoughts on “Cisco Nexus 1000v для VMware vSphere 6.0 быть!”

  1. Against all pre-release information Cisco just announced that the Nexus 1000v will be technically supported in vSphere 6. The Cisco blog claims that technically the 1000V will be still supported but VMware no longer sells support for the Nexus 1000V through the VMware support organization as of Feb 2nd 2015.

    I don’t have any information supporting that claim but until I have further information I pulled this part of the article.

  2. Just confirmed that the information is not correct.
    Please remove/adjust.

    “The Cisco Nexus 1000V has been supported in VMware vSphere hypervisor since 4.0 release (August 2009) up to the current vSphere release 5.5 update 2. We are happy to announce that the Nexus 1000V will continue to be supported in the latest vSphere 6 release which VMware recently announced. Customers who are currently running Nexus 1000V will be able to upgrade to the vSphere 6 release and the new vSphere 6 customers will have the Nexus 1000V as part of their choices for virtual networking.
    Cisco is fully committed to support the Nexus 1000V product for our 10,000+ Advanced Edition customers and the thousands more using the Essential Edition software in all future releases of VMware vSphere. Cisco has a significant virtual switching R&D investment with hundreds of engineers dedicated to the Nexus 1000V platform. The Nexus 1000V has been the industry’s leading virtual switching platform with innovations on VXLAN (industry’s first shipping VXLAN platform), and distributed zone firewall (via Virtual Security Gateway released in Jan 2011).
    In the last major release of the Nexus 1000V for vSphere, version 3.1 (August 2014) Cisco added significant scaling and security features and we continue to provide subsequent updates (December 2014) with the next release planned for March 2015.”

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