Любопытная ошибка

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Любопытная ошибка

Postby philzy » 04 Jul 2012, 13:37


В понедельник на тяжело нагруженном сервере 1С словил полный вынос VM (каждые 40 мин.) вместе с хостом.
Перекинули эту VM на другой хост и получили любопытную ошибку:

17:59:00, Message on SERVER on localhost.domain.local in ha-datacenter: CPU microcode update available.
The guest OS tried to update the microcode from patch level 21 (15h) to patch level 1548 (60Ch), but VMware ESX does not allow microcode patches to be applied from within a virtual machine.
Microcode patches are used to correct CPU errata. If you are not experiencing any problems with your CPU, you can ignore this microcode patch. Otherwise, you may be able to obtain a BIOS/firmware update which includes this microcode patch from your system vendor, or your host OS may provide a facility for loading microcode patches obtained directly from the Intel web site.

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